Vivo will launch its first foldable smartphone soon

Vivo will launch its first foldable device soon. Samsung is the brand that is currently dominating foldable devices. Samsung is doing its best to make its foldable device better and better.

Vivo’s first foldable device

Vivo will launch its first foldable device soon. Vivo shared a glance of its first foldable device on Weibo. Weibo also provided some pictures to get some idea of the device’s design. The name of the device was also listed there as Vivo X Fold. Some other leaks and rumors also say that the display refresh rate of Vivo X Fold will be 120 Hz. According to the leaks, the Display size will be 8 inches.

Vivo X Fold Leaked Photo

Foldable devices

When Samsung launched its first foldable device Samsung Fold in 2019, the device had many flaws in durability and optimization. It was one of the world’s first truly foldable and powerful devices. Samsung soon fixed these optimization and durability flaws. The display was misbehaving in some units of Samsung’s first foldable device, Samsung Fold. It was found that Samsung protected the device’s display sing a protector like a sheet. Some people and reviewers thought this sheet was a pre-applied protector, so they removed it. The removal of this sheet reduced the screen’s durability, which resulted in display errors.

Purpose of foldable devices

Most people think that foldable devices are useless. The foldable devices launched in 2019 or previous years can be useless because of their less durability, and the optimization was also not up to the mark at that point. But now the situation is not the same. Many other companies like Huawei, Xiaomi, and Oppo also made some foldable devices but didn’t carry on the idea of foldable devices. But Samsung didn’t give up. After the launch of Galaxy Fold, Samsung released its new foldable series Galaxy Z Flip, which was a completely different aspect of foldable devices. The Galaxy Z Flip series came with major improvements in build quality that made people consider foldable devices for daily use. Samsung is still carrying on the Z Fold and Z Flip series.

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