Top 16 Crazy Patents by Google.

Patents are often interesting and weird. But if patents are from Google then rest assured that they will be the most intriguing. Though many of them might never make their way out of Google’s Research Labs, if you are a geek like me then these patents are a must read.

Your Last Surgery for perfect vision (for lifetime)patent by google surgery process for bionic vision

This patent was filed for a device back in 2014 which can correct the vision without using any contact lenses or glasses. You will have to undergo a mini surgery and it can correct your vision, regardless of your eye conditions and age too.

On that note a Contact Lens that runs on solar power.patent by google contact lens that runs on solar power

These solar-powered contact lenses can monitor your body temperature and blood sugar level. These lenses also have the ability to scan barcodes. This patent was filed back in 2012.

SmartWatch that can measure your glucose level.patent by google smart watch that can measure your blood sugar level

Like the aforementioned contact lenses, this smartwatch gives you a convenient option to measure your glucose levels on the go. Before drawing blood, the watch would send a surge of gas into a chamber which contains a microparticle. The microparticle will then puncture the skin and suck it in a barrel for testing.

An interesting robot and drone package delivery systempatent by google drone and bot delivery system by google

Many of you may be aware of Google’s Project Wing, a delivery system where drones are used. Amazon is already started implementing this idea. But this patent further enhances the system by outlining how the drone would lower the packages to a robot on wheels, which will take it to the exact desired location. This patent was filed in 2014.

Augmented Reality Glassespatent by google augemented reality glasses by google

Though Google glasses are dead, this patent is also as interesting. This patent gives an outline for a system that projects a keyboard on your hand. There is a camera attached to it which will record the inputs from the user. This patent was filed in 2011.

With this chatting will even be more interesting.patent by google comic strip for chat messages

This patent outlines a software that will let you enter text in the normal way, but as soon as you enter your text it will transform it into a comic strip. Google will take the help of their machine learning to accurately do this task. This was filed in 2010.

High tech tattoospatent by google tattoo embedded with microphone and lie detector

This patent outlines a tattoo embedded microphone. The microphone will give you the ease of talking without holding your phone or plugging any earphone. What is weird about this tattoo is that it can even detect lies based on your skin resistance. I can’t imagine how disastrous this lie detecting feature could be.

A device which takes care of your body odor.patent by google a smart device for taking care of your body odour

This patent outlines a portable fan that will somehow attach to your body and spray fragrance detecting the number of people around you.

If you are smelly then this device can suggest you an escape route, by analyzing your friends’ location. Great feature while you are coming from a gym.

An ultra-high-tech crib for your baby.

This patent was actually filed by Nest, a company that makes smart devices which is under Google’s parent company Alphabet.

This patent outlines a crib that can monitor your baby movements and even keep a check on the surrounding environmental conditions. For example, it can send alerts to your phone if the room suddenly gets too hot or cold.

It can even detect what is going on with your baby and even respond to the issue. For example, if your baby starts crying, then it has an attached display which can display cartoons on the ceiling to calm him down.

This will stick you on a car in case of an accidentpatent by google adhesive layer on cars for protection in collisions

With this technology, our roads will be a hell lot safer. This patent filed in 2014 outlines an adhesive layer which will be on the hood of the car. The adhesive layer will be covered by another layer that will hide the adhesive layer. If a car hits someone, then the outer layer will be removed to expose the adhesive layer, sticking him to the front of the car. This will drastically reduce the impact of the collision.

A smart and somewhat creepy teddy bearpatent by google a teddy bear with microphone, cameras

This looks like an ordinary teddy bear but it has speakers, camera, and microphone embedded into it. It can listen to your conversations and watch your movements. This is a pretty good toy to watch out on your kids, while you are away. Though the exact motive for this bear is still unknown. This was filed in 2012.

Hitech bathroom for health monitoringpatent by google bathroom equipped with sensors for health monitoring

I know it is weird to imagine your bathroom notifying you of your health issues. But you can expect such crazy things from one of the largest tech giants.

All the things in a bathroom like mats, mirror, the bathtub will be equipped with sensors. These sensors will measure all your health parameters like temperature, blood sugar level, and important cardiovascular aspects. It will detect any cardiovascular problems by noticing changes in any of your behavioral pattern and many other things including skin tone.

Walking stick that takes photos filed in 2013patent by google walking stick with cameras and sensors

This is basically a walking stick with location sensors and a camera. There is a switch at the bottom which can be used to take photos of your surrounding and form a virtual simulation of the area you walk through. This is great for hikers.

Advertisements based on your weatherpatent by google infographic for an ad system based on weather

You might already know that Google’s major chunk of income comes from ads. Now with this patent, they outline a system which can show you ads based on your current weather conditions. For example, if you are in an area with very high temperature then it may show you ads of an air conditioner, or if it is raining in your current location then it will target you with ads of umbrellas, and other waterproofing clothes.

Pay-Per-Gaze Advertising Systempatent by google a head mounted device for tracking gaze time on ads

Now if the previous one didn’t make you realize their focus on ads then this definitely will. This 2013 patent outlines a head-mounted device which will capture everything the user gazes at, especially ads. This with time duration will also measure the amount of pupil dilation to determine how much of an emotional response the ad evokes. Now, that was pretty scary!

Water-based data centerpatent by google water based data center powered by energy from motion of water

This patent filed in 2007 outlines the design for a computer data center mounted on a floating platform. There will be sea-based electrical generators and a few seawater cooling units. The idea is to generate power for the systems from the motion of water.


While making this list I have got a pretty good insight into the future technological advancements from Google. While reading most of the patents I was excited but for some like their advanced ad targeting systems really made me worry. They will greatly influence the buyer’s decision, which may even be in a negative direction.

So let us hope for the best and let me know in the comments which one really made you excited.









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