Microsoft & Intel Stick together To Eliminate Cryptominers

A Technology(hardware-based) is being integrated into a Microsoft enterprise security product to help protect businesses from cryptomining viruses


Microsoft is introducing a powerful hardware based technology . This technology will protect the businesses from crypto malwares


Intel is going to introduce a technology that will be able to detect mining using CPUs. This technology will be called as PERFOMANCE MONITORING UNIT (PMU)


Professional miners cannot be detected easily, As they have a lot of skills and thus they can Fool Intel & Microsoft . It has become very difficult to differentiate between mining PCs and workstations as the workstations are also working at rate nearly equal to miners.


The GPU prices are very high around the world , this situation can be controlled if Intel & Microsoft become able to Stop Miners. As We All Know That Cryptominers Are the reason of Increase in prices of graphics cards. Because when they buy graphics cards in bulk quantity, whole market faces shortage of graphics cards which increase prices of graphics cards as a result

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