Samsung Showcases Next-Generation Displays In Display Week

Samsung has started teasing some of its new display innovations. This year’s Display Week was held in California and Samsung obviously participated in it. Samsung showed some of its new technology of flexible displays

Double Flexible Tablet/Phone

Samsung introduced a tablet whose display can extend. Its display measures 7.2 inches when fully extends. The display of The Tablet is also O-LED. Samsung introduced two types of tablets, the other one is Foldable from two sides in order to fit in the pocket.

Laptop With No Keyboard

Samsung also introduced a Laptop with an O-LED display. The interesting thing is that there is no keyboard on the laptop. There are displays on both sides of the laptop. The web camera is in the display of the screen ( in-display camera ) .Thanks to Samsung for Making our life engrossing!

The design of laptop shown by Samsung is very compact & sleek . The laptop looks to be inspired by some of the Microsoft’s laptops.

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