Russian hackers attacked Asus routers worldwide

It has been almost a week since Russia invaded Ukraine. The two countries are currently at war which can be dangerous for the whole world. It’s not just military warfare; hackers from both countries are busy damaging the digital data of each other. Cyber security also plays a significant role in the war. It can be disastrous if the hackers detect sensitive data. Russian hackers are actively harming Ukraine in one way or the other. Russian state-sponsored hacking groups are getting wider and stronger day by day. A few days ago, we saw how Chinese state-sponsored hackers targeted Ukraine. Another news related to Russian hackers appears that Russian hackers attacked Asus routers worldwide.

According to Trend Micro, a Russian state-sponsored botnet Cyclops Blink is reportedly linked to Sandworm, or Voodoo bear Advanced Persistent Threat(APT), also known as CISA group, has been used to target WatchGuard Firebox Devices. UK’s National Cyber Security Centre(NCSC) analysis detected the attack. According to CISA, the group has also made some suspicious activities in the past. The Russian group Cyclops Blink was involved in a 2015 attack in Ukraine’s Power Grid. Some more attacks by the Cyclops Blink were In the Republic of Georgia and at the 2018 Olympics. According to Android Police, the reports continue to say that the purpose of Cyclops Blink can be to build an infrastructure for further major attacks.

Purpose of the attack

The purpose of the development of Cyclops Blink was to attack the routers and to use that stolen information against their targets. These hackers can access some crucial data through routers.

Why only Asus routers?

Asus routers are mostly in danger due to frequent patching and low-grade to no security. Their phenomenal signal strengths and speed. That is their routers are so famous. Asus was made aware of the Russian Cyclops Blink at once.

After the awareness of the Cyclops Blink attack, Asus released a statement that says they are strictly looking into the Cyclops Blink attack. Asus also provided some advice and a list of safety measures.

How to prevent the attack?

According to some reports, even resetting your router cannot fix it. Trend Micro says that a user can purchase a new device if he suspects any attack. The onslaught of Cyclops Blink affected Asus devices significantly. It is almost impossible for an average user to detect this type of hacking attack because these types of hackers are very professional and advanced,

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