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All the people using computers and smart devices world are directly or indirectly dependent on Microsoft and Google. Microsoft Vs Google competition has been going for so long. These companies are the backbone of the tech industry. Both of the companies play an essential role in providing the best tech services and products. Google owns the Android, which holds 72% of market shares for Smartphone Operating System(OS).  Similarly, 76% of the Laptops and PC users are using Microsoft Windows as an Operating System. Both these companies are the leading companies in the Tech Industry.  So the question arises: which one of these tech giants is more powerful and influential in the Tech Industry. In this article, we are going to discuss both these Tech Giants.

How the Tech Giants Microsoft and Google Started?

In September 1998, while studying at Stanford University, California. Larry Page and Sergey Brin were the people who started Google. Larry Page gave an idea to develop a search engine that will calculate a web page’s importance based on backlinks. Now, Google has become a Tech Giant, and we all are dependent on Google in most of our daily life affairs.

Founder of Google

Bill Gates and Paul Allen founded Microsoft in April 1975, 23 years before Larry Page and Sergey Brin founded Google. Microsoft developed the first interpreter that ran on MITS Altair 8800 (MITS Altair 8800 was a microcomputer) It was Microsoft’s first product. From the beginning, Microsoft has been developing software, operating systems, and programs instead of manufacturing hardware-related products.

Microsoft building in Vancouver, BC, Canadá

Headquarters of Google And Microsoft:

The Headquarters of Google is known as Google Plex, located in Mountain View, California, in Silicon Valley. Google was incorporated in Silicon Valley in July 2004.

The Headquarters of Microsoft is known as Microsoft Redmond Campus, located in Redmon, Washington. Microsoft was incorporated into the campus in February 1986.

Brand Value: Microsoft Vs Google in terms of Brand Value:

According to Forbes, Google has the second rank in the list of most valuable brands as per 2020 ranking. The brand value of Google LLC is $207.5 Billion. In comparison, Microsoft has the third rank in the list with a brand value of $162.9 Billion. So the Brand Value of Google is more than Microsoft.


Market Capitalization:

According to Statista, the market capitalization of Google’s Parent Company Alphabet Inc in the survey conducted in 2021 is 1538.9 Billion dollars, which mainly comprises Google’s market cap. In contrast, the market Cap of Microsoft is 1966.6 Billion dollars. So In the case of Market Cap, Microsoft has taken the Lead.

Difference Between Microsoft And Google: Microsoft Vs Google In terms of Product Type

Both Google and Microsoft are working in the Tech Industry, but these companies work on different types of products. The difference between Microsoft and Google in terms of product type is discussed below:



The Popular Products of Google are Android, Google Playstore, Gmail, Google Drive, Google Pixel Smartphones, Google Docs and much more. Google owns the Google Chrome Browser. In browsers, Google Chrome has a market share of 64.92% in the Browser Market Worldwide. We use many Google-owned applications in our daily lives, such as Google Maps, Youtube, Google Chrome and much more. Gmail is the most used E-mail service Worldwide. Google also shows ads to the people and have been working in online advertisement as well. Most people think that Google only provides web services and web-based applications, but it’s not true.

The Tech Giant has also been working in the field of mobile phones. Google Pixel is a top-rated smartphone series. Google Pixel devices are the most optimized Android devices. Another Product of Google is Google Home is a smart speaker which we can use to play music and control compatible lights, cameras and much more.



Microsoft is working on Computer Software, Computer Hardware, and operating systems. The famous products of Microsoft are Windows, Bing(Search Engine), Skype, OneDrive, Windows Defender, Microsoft Office, Outlook, and much more.  Microsoft Windows is the world’s most famous Operating system for PCs and laptops. Microsoft Windows has a market share of about 73%. The company also manufactured some smartphones as Google did but failed severely. Microsoft Office is used in most offices and workplaces for the better arrangement of data and assignments. Skype is an online video calling app owned by Microsoft. Before the development of other video calling apps, Skype was the most used video chatting app. Today many video calling apps like Google Duo, Facebook Messenger and Facetime are ruling the market. The Era of Skype came to an end due to the limited features and poor maintenance.

Number of Employees : How Many Employees Work In Google and Microsoft?

According to Wikipedia, the Number of Employees of Google is 139,995 (2021). Whereas Microsoft has 182,268 Employees (Q2 2021). So Microsoft has more employees Worldwide to research and introduce new software and programs for the people. Having more employees is a great plus point for Microsoft.


Alphabet Inc, the parent company of Google LLC, has total assets of 335,387 Million USD (2021). On the other hand, Microsoft has Total Annual Assets of 333,779 Million USD(2021).

CEO of Google And Microsoft:

The current CEO of Google is Sundar Pichai having an Annual Salary of more than $2 Million. On the Other hand, the CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella made USD 42.9 Million.  So we can observe that Satya Nadella earns much more than Sundar Pichai.


Both of these companies are leading brands, and almost everyone knows about these brands. So both of the brands are best in their categories. Still, Google can be a great competitor for Microsoft as Google Search Engine defeated Bing(Microsoft’s Search Engine).Only small amount of people use Bing Search Engine.

Frequently Asked Question:

Many times People ask About:

  • Is Google Owned By Microsoft?
  • Are Google and Microsoft the Same?


Microsoft does not own Google. Google is a separate Company. Some leaks and rumours pointed out that Microsoft is going to Buy Google. But there is no truth in it.

How Much Microsoft Worth?

Answer: The worth of microsoft has crossed 2 trillion USD.

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