Best iOS emulators for your Android Smartphone

iPhones are relatively more expensive than Android devices, So everyone can’t get an iPhone. As we all know, iPhones are one of the most secure smartphones available in the market. The software and built quality are also top-notch. They are also the most premium devices available in the market. The prices of iPhones are also very high. Most celebrities and Stars also use iPhones because they want a secure and reliable environment and probably don’t have any financial issues. Many people want to enjoy the iPhone theme and experience the iPhone world, but they might not have enough money to buy an iPhone, or they don’t want to get an iPhone. Many iOS emulators for Android devices are available for this purpose. iOS Emulators help us to experience iOS on an android phone.

What is an iOS emulator?

 An iOS emulator is a software or an application that provides you with the iPhone theme and allows you to download applications available for iOS devices on your android device. There are a variety of iOS emulators available that you can easily download for free without having issues. It is suitable for people who want to experience the iOS world, but it is not ideal for those who wish to use the emulators as the default theme on their android devices. Because the emulators are not optimized well, they have bugs and glitches because unprofessional developers make these apps.

How to run iOS apps on Android?

Many people use Android devices because they don’t have enough money to buy an iPhone or don’t like iPhones. There is a considerable amount of Android users in the world. There are about  2.5 billion active Android users in the world. These android users can get an experience of iOS through the iOS emulators, and YES, you can run most of the iOS apps on iOS emulators on our Android device. These Emulators enable you to use iOS and Android Apps on the same device.

Why do people demand iOS emulators?

The main reason for the increase in demand for iOS emulators is because it allows people to experience the iOS Environment without buying the iOS devices. Then it becomes easier for them to make a decision. It can also be used in some testings. Many App developers use iOS emulators for testing their Apps. Another reason for using an iOS emulator is that it is free. iOS emulators are also very easy to use. Apple iPhones are the most used smartphones in the US Market. So most of the App developers from the US, develop applications and games only for iPhones. Being an android user, if you want to use such apps, you may use an iOS Emulator.

Types of iOS emulators

There are two types of iOS emulators. Some emulators run online on cloud servers, while others come in the form of Applications. Cloud emulators can be accessed on any Operating system as the cloud-based iOS emulators are running on the servers, and they do not need anything except an internet connection.

Here is the list of some  Best iOS emulators for android in 2021. These emulators are not available on the Google Play Store, but you can download them from Chrome. Before Downloading any of the emulators, you have to enable Unknown Sources from the Settings of your Android device. If you can’t see any Unknown Sources option in the Settings of your Android device, then you may search for it in the search bar.

Appetize IO

Appetize IO is another great iOS emulator for android devices. It has a variety of differences from the emulators listed below. The main difference is that it is a cloud-based android emulator. Appetize is an online iOS emulator for android. That means that you only need an internet connection to run the emulator. Appetize IO is available on their website. It is available on almost all Operating Systems as it runs on their servers, and the only thing you need is an internet connection. It is also straightforward to use. As it runs on the cloud, you don’t need to root your device. You may buy any plan from Appetize IO in order to use it for a long time. The demo provided by the website offers only 100 minutes of usage per month. Many App Developers also use this website to test their apps.



 Cider/iEMU is one of the best iOS emulators available in the market. Cider\iEMU has an OS Market to download applications, but the OS market does not work due to some unknown reason. The emulators are straightforward to use and simple. These emulators don’t require you to root your Android device. It is also much optimized than the other emulators. It can be a perfect option for you. As it is a bit heavy, we recommend having more than 1GB RAM Android device to run the emulator. It also works pretty fine on low-end devices, but some glitches may appear in low-end phones. You don’t need your phone to be rooted to download iEMU. The simulator offers you some simple iOS features. The emulator gives you a fabulous experience of an iOS device on your Android device. It is also straightforward, easy to use, and accessible. It does not provide you with some uniques features as the above apps offer. We recommend you download this emulator only if you cannot download and install the above-discussed iOS emulators.

Here is the download link for iEMU/Cider:


 IOSEMUS is another great iOS emulator for Android devices. It allows you to download and install any iOS app and run it smoothly. It also works pretty fine on any android device. Using some apps, you can also download paid apps for free. IOSEMUS is free, and you don’t need to root your device to run the emulator. It also comes with many customizable themes that can give your device a more fabulous look. It also works fine on low-end Android devices.

Here is the download link for iOSEMUS:


All in one iOS Emulator

All in One iOS Emulator is another excellent application available for your android devices. One of the members of XDA Developers has Launched this emulator, which has exciting features. The All in one iOS emulator is different from the above because it offers unique features, such as iOS music and the iOS Camera app. A remarkable feature of the All In One iOS emulator is its built-in Siri that works pretty well. It doesn’t demand Root. It provides you with the experience of the iOS 6 themes. The UI is not very exciting. It is pretty simple and easy to use.

You can download All In One iOS emulator from the  following link:

All of the above-mentioned iOS emulators are thoroughly tested and malware-free. You don’t need to get worried about your data leakage or any illegal and harmful activity on your device. These emulators are not available on the Google Play Store.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is there An iOS Emulator for Android?


Yes. There Are Multiple iOS Emulators Available for Android Devices, which are discussed above.

Question: What is the best iOS emulator for Android?

Appetize IO is considered to be the Best iOS Emulator for Android. Its Exciting and unique features make it different from other emulators.

Question: Can we run iOS apps on Android?


Yes. You can run iOS apps on android phones by using the iOS Emulators that are mentioned above.

Question: How can I run iOS apps on Windows?

You can run iOS Apps on the Appetize IO by uploading and running your app on the Appetize IO website’s iOS Emulator. Several Subscription plans are available for using this Emulator.

Question: How do I get iPhone icons on my android?

Answer: You can iPhone-like UI(User-Interface) on your Android phone by using the iOS emulators, discussed above.

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