The Internet’s History and its First Key Moments

The Internet is one of the most influential and ever-changing technology mankind has ever seen.

It has revolutionized social interactions and data exchange. But if you ask who invented the internet? Then I cannot point to any single person as the inventor. There were dozens of scientists, engineers, and programmers behind creating the internet we see today.

There were many who have created the hypothesis of the internet. But it was not until the early 1960s when the first practical approach for the internet would arrive.

A scientist at MIT by the name J.C.R Licklider presented the idea of ‘Intergalactic Network’ of computers. After which scientists developed the concept of ‘packet switching’. This was essentially the building blocks of the modern internet we see today.

The first working prototype of the internet arrived in the late 1960s, which was created by US defense organizations. It was called the ARPANET or Advanced Research Project Agency Network. It used the concept of packet switching for data exchange. ARPANET adopted the TCP/IP communication model developed by scientists like Robert Kahn and Vinton Cerf in 1983. This communication model actually sets standards for data transmissions among networks. The public gained access to the internet in 1991.

With all that being said let us get to know the first key moments which will lead to as the modern internet.

First Website.the first modern website which was built by Tim Berners Lee

The first website came in December 1990 and the first webpage was put up on 20th December 1990. It was built by Tim Berners Lee when he was working for CERN technologies. The webpage was a basic guide of how the world wide web works. You can visit the first webpage at the address

Before this event, you literally needed to be an expert in computer commands to access the internet. Though an expert Tim was frustrated with it, and he had an idea of clicking and navigating through pages. This motivated him to build the first modern webpage. 

One interesting fact is that the website was built on a Next computer. Next was founded by Steve Jobs when he was fired from Apple. If Steve Jobs hadn’t been fired then we might not have got our modern websites.

First e-mailRay Tomlinson he created the first email program

The first email was sent by Ray Tomlinson in 1971 to himself. One day while he was transferring files from his office using the internet, it occurred to him that messages were also a kind of file and it can be transferred across the internet. He took the file transferring program, modified the code a little bit and the first email service was created. The fact that it didn’t occur to anyone else earlier, many still don’t believe that it was created by him. Even the company where he was working didn’t believe him.

First Photo

Again Tim Berners Lee was behind it. When he was working for CERN, he asked his colleagues to hand him over some photos to publish in a system he invented known as the world wide web. They had formed a parody band at that time and handed him whatever they had without thinking much about it. Hence the first photo was published which is just below.the first photo to be published in the world wide web

First BlogJustin Hall was the first blogger as recognized by the New York's Times magazine

The first blog, like the ones we see today, was created by Justin Hall. He was blogging 10 years before the term blog was even coined. His blog name was Justin’s links from the underground. At first, it was a basic guide to the world wide web. It later transformed as a personal blog. New York’s TIME magazine considers him as the father of blogging.

First Phone with InternetNokia 9000 was the first phone which can access the internet

The first phone with internet was the Nokia 9000 Communicator which was launched in Finland in 1996. But the cost of accessing the internet was so high that it never made its way out of a few hands.

It was in 1999 when the I-Mode was launched in Japan which is generally considered the first phone with internet.

First Search Engineweb crawler the first full text based search engine

The first search full text-based search engine isn’t what many of you would know. It was known as the Web Crawler which released in 1994. Google launched 3 years later after which Web Crawler fell into obscurity.

First Internet CelebrityMahira Cagri was the first internet celebrity

The first internet celebrity was Mahir Cagri from Turkey. He got established only through his website At his time he held the Guinness Book of World Record for the most number of page visits on a personal homepage, which was around 12 million. It is said that by 2000 Bill Gates was even fan of him. It is also said that he was the inspiration behind Borat movie of 2006.

First Skype callskype logo

The first Skype call was not made in English but in Estonian, which was the mother tongue of its creators. The first words on the first call, which is translated in English were, Hello can you hear me?

First Facebook AccountArie Hasit the first non founder to have facebook account

The first Facebook account was of Mark Zuckerberg himself with ID number 4. The first account outside of Facebook was of Arie Hasit, who was a University student from Israel. With billion active users every month, it is fair to say that he started something.

First YouTube Video

I at the Zoo was the first video on YouTube. It was uploaded on April 23rd, 2005 by the site’s co-founder Jawed Karim and was recorded by his high school friend Yakov Lapitsky.

The 19-second video featured Karim in the San Diego Zoo where he was professing his interest of really long trunks.

First Instagram postfirst instagram post which was from its co founder kevin systorm

The first Instagram post was from Kevin Systrom – the CEO and co-founder of Instagram. It was his dog’s photo near a taco stand in Mexico.

First Tweetthe first tweet was from its co founder jack dorsey

The first tweet was from co-founder Jack Dorsey on March 21, 2006. It read “just setting up my twttr”. Twitter was called as Twttr back then.

First Memethe dancing baby was the first modern meme

The first meme as we know today was of the dancing baby which was posted on 22nd December 1996. It was a testing project for a groundbreaking 3D software known as Character Studio. I am sure many of you will still recognize it. It instantly turned viral.


This was the journey of modern internet right from its birth to the modern era. I hope you have enjoyed it and came to know some of the really interesting facts about the internet.

If we have missed something then you can comment on it.

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