Chinese hackers are targeting Ukraine, Says Google

We all are aware of the current unfortunate happenings around the world. The two countries, Ukraine and Russia, are up against each other. Russia and Ukraine are currently at war. The economic advantages are with Russia as it is a significant superpower. War is clearly in favor of Russia because of its strong military and financial power. In Both economy and the army, Ukraine seems to be suffering. Chinese hackers are targeting Ukraine, says Google.

Role Of Hacking in a war

Technology is the aspect where both of the countries are not bad. Hacking also plays a vital role during the war. Ukraine and Russia have one of the best hackers in the world. They are also currently defending their countries during these difficult times of war.

How hacking is implemented?

The state money usually funds hackers for cyber warfare. Hackers target their opponent countries by giving them digital threats and hacking some essential websites. The critical websites may provide sensitive data to the enemies, which can be advantageous for the enemies. The information gathered through these websites can change the game for a losing side.

The above-written paragraph shows how important hackers can be in a war. The American support can be constructive for Ukraine in the aspect of hacking. America has one of the most advanced hacking technologies and hackers globally.

A piece of tragic news arrives for Ukraine’s hacking department. Google says Chinese-sponsored hackers are targeting Ukraine. Hackers were doing something digitally that favored Russia and Ukraine. Some Chinese hackers are involved in this warfare in the cyber world, says Google’s Threat Analysis Group(TAG), which was from the Chinese military. The Threat Analysis Group(TAG) also informed a cyber threat by Chinese-sponsored hackers earlier this week.

Here’s a tweet from a Threat Analysis Group(TAG) ‘s engineer:

An engineer from Google’s Threat Analysis Group(TAG), Billy Leonard, says in his tweet that the TAG team has identified the Chinese hackers that were targeting Ukrainian government organizations. The TAG engineer Billy Leonard, in his tweet, said that China’s People Liberation Army(PLA) is involved in this hacking attack. The TAG had also previously warned of a Chinese cyberattack on March 06. The group involved in this attack was “Mustang Panda.” According to Bleeping Computer, some other groups also detected cyber security threats against Ukraine. These groups include organizations focusing on Chinese hackers and tracking them.

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