Crazy Google Dinosaur Game hacks

The google dinosaur game reminds me of classic Nintendo games.

This is my favorite time pass when my internet goes down for some reason. I am sure many of you love this simple classic game.

With that being said let us have a look at some of the hacks which will surely make your day.

Google Dinosaur also jumps when you are online

Now, I am sure that many of you don’t know that you can also play it without disconnecting your internet.

The simple way to do this is to type chrome://dino/ in the address bar of the Chrome browser. Please don’t act like a fool by typing it in any other browser.

After hitting enter you would see the No Internet page.

Now let us dive into some of the real hacks.

No Obstacles

Right-click anywhere on the screen and click on ‘Inspect’ from the menu. You can also use the shortcut which is Ctrl+Shift+I.

This will open up the ‘Elements’ Tab. But we don’t want to work here so click on the ‘Console’ Tab which is right next to it.

In the white section under console type the given commands one by one and hit enter.


Runner.instance_.playingIntro = true;

After this, you can close the small window and play the game. Now, without any obstacles, your dinosaur will be happier like never before.

No Game Over

Open the console and enter the following 2 commands tab like before.

var original = Runner.prototype.gameOver

Runner.prototype.gameOver = function(){};

Now, your dinosaur will not get affected by obstacles.

The first command stores the original function in a variable so that you can revert the change by entering the following command.

Runner.prototype.gameOver = original

Tweaking the speed of the dinosaur

As always open up the console tab and enter the following command.


You can change 1000 to any value of your choice.

Changing the character

This one is the most exciting of all. You can even change the dinosaur character, for more fun.

This one really amazed me when I came to know about this trick.

For this trick, you will have to use the elements tab which is the default tab when you click on Inspect.

Look for the ‘offline resources’ tag. Use the image above to locate it.

Once you have found the tag click on the play button which is at the beginning of that line.

Now, right click on the src value in double quotes which is beside the ‘id offline-resources-1x’ tag.

Click on ‘Edit Attribute’ and change the src value to Do it exactly as said otherwise, the trick will not work.

If all goes well then the dinosaur will change to our favorite Mario!


You can show off this trick in front of your friends. They will definitely get amazed.

I hope you have enjoyed using the tricks and if you know any other trick other than the ones above then be sure to leave it in the comments section.

Have Fun!







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