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What is Facetime?

Facetime is a video calling app by Apple only for Apple/iOS devices. In its influence, it is enough to say that it is made by Apple. One of the main reasons that people prioritize using it over other video calling apps is that it is secure than any other video calling app. We all know that how much Apple is concerned about our privacy. Another reason is that the Facetime app is very easy to use and much optimized than other video calling apps.

Facetime App

Facetime On Android: Can Android Facetime?

Facetime Android App? Is there any way to Facetime on Android to iPhone ? How To FaceTime on Android?

IOS and Android have 98% of the market share for OS. The IOS market share was about 22.17% in 2019 whereas Android’s market share is expected to reach 87% in 2022 according to some researches. So many Android users also want to get the Facetime app for their phones as well, so that they can easily interact with the IOS users. But unfortunately, the Facetime app is not available for any android device.

Even a company like Samsung which has the biggest market share in the Android ecosystem is unable to provide a highly optimized app for its users just like Apple did. There Are some apps available on the Google Play Store having ‘Facetime’ word in their name but all of these apps are fake. These apps can’t provide the best but a satisfactory experience to the users. The thing is that you can still not interact with the people using original iOS Facetime. Facetime is currently in 2021 not available for Android devices and it is not even expected to be available for android users. So we should move to some alternative apps instead. Another well-known brand Huawei had launched an app for its users about a year ago. Huawei named it MeeTime. HUAWEI also claims that MeeTime is better than Facetime. We’ll discuss its features below.

Alternatives of Facetime:

So here are some alternative apps which are available both on Android & IOS.

MeeTime By Huawei:

MeeTime is an app developed by the world-famous Android smartphone manufacturing company Huawei. We can do live chats of up to 1080p in Huawei MeeTime but the problem is that it is only for Huawei users so we should not consider it a good option.

MeeTIme By Huawei
More About MeeTime

Let’s take a look at some other alternatives.

Google Duo:

Google Duo
Google Duo
Developer: Unknown
Price: Free

Google Duo, as shown in the name it is made by Google so it can be a very good option for android users. It is also much similar to Facetime. We can easily do one-on-one video calls in Google Duo. It is available for all android devices as it is made by Google. It has a unique feature called the ‘knock knock’ feature. This feature allows you to check the video calling interface & camera result before you go live. It is also pre-installed on some phones. If it is not pre-installed then you can easily download it from Google Play Store, It’s free!

Google Duo An Alternative For Facetime

Messenger by Facebook:

Developer: Unknown
Price: Free

Messenger is another video calling and chatting app for android users. It is specially designed to video call and to send text messages to Facebook Friends but you can now also use it with your phone contacts. It is also very easy to use and free to download

 Messenger: A Good Alternative of Facetime

Skype by Microsoft:

Developer: Skype
Price: Free+

Skype is also a video calling app made by the world-famous company Microsoft. Surprisingly, It was launched in 2003. It was very popular before 2010, As the competition was very low at that time. But some other apps including Facetime are ruling right now . Skype can be used for video calling, text messages, and file sharing. It is also very easy and free to use. It is also available on Play Store

Skype By Mircrosoft is A good Alternative of facetime

Hangouts by Google:

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

Hangout is another video calling app made by Google. It has more features than Google Duo. It also offers group video calling and some other messaging features. If you have a google account you are all set to use Hangouts. It also comes pre-installed on some devices. If you guys are confused between Google Duo & Hangouts we suggest you use Hangouts as it comes with more features.

Google Hangouts Is The Best Alternative of Facetime

 So you can use any of the above apps to get a better video calling experience. All of these apps are made by some of the world’s most premium brands. You can get these apps from Google Play Store for free!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: Can android facetime with iPhone?

Answer: In Simple Words, its not possible to use FaceTime on Android. But We can use other apps for Video-calling.

Do Samsung phones have Facetime?

No. Samsung Devices don’t have Facetime. You can check the alternatives of Facetime in this article.

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