Cyber Attacks Through Mobile Devices Increasing Rapidly

Mobile devices are now an essential part of our life. But the cyber attackers are intentionally targeting Mobile Devices, Tablets, and laptops. There is a rapid increase in mobile device cyber attacks between 2019 and 2021 according to the FINANCIAL SERVICE THREAT REPORT ON 6th of May.

Hackers have become able to easily access data on your mobile devices. The data may also include your bank account details or some sensitive information. Hackers steal sensitive information and use it for their benefit. Even Sometimes they steal money from bank accounts. So we just have to stay conscious and alert in order to protect ourselves from hackers

According to the tweet of THE CYBERSECURITY HUB shows that 32 percent of Americans aren’t aware of email tracking, Basically, in email tracking, Hackers can get your account password from any nonverified website and misuse it.

How They Can Access My Device?

Hackers can get access to your device in different ways. If you have installed an Application from Unknown sources, it can harm you and your device , as the app is not verified by PlayStore or AppStore.


  • We suggest you not to install app from unknown sources , always install applications from Playstore(For Android) & AppStore(For IOS)
  • Don’t provide your account details on non-verified websites / Apps.
  • Don’t store your account information in your phone gallery.

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