Bluetooth 5.0-Here is what you need to know!

A brief history of Bluetooth

This technology was invented by a Dutch engineer known as Jaap Haartsen, who worked for Ericsson in 1994.

This technology was a replacement for the RS-232 data cables.

The name Bluetooth has a historical background. It is named after Harald Bluetooth who united Danish tribes into a single kingdom, fundamentally the same thing which Bluetooth does of uniting communication protocols.

Even the logo is inspired by Harald Bluetooth, the initials of the first and last name make up the bluetooth logo is related to Harald Bluetooth's name

It is now managed by a special group of companies known as Bluetooth SIG (special interest group). It consists of more than 30k companies which are in the field of communications, networking and consumer grade electronics.

Improvements of Bluetooth 5.0


Bluetooth Low Energy for Wireless Headphones

a girl working on a laptop with a headset on

Among all the improvements this one is the most exciting with regards to technology. Though this feature was introduced in Bluetooth 4.0, now it has upgraded to its full potential.

Bluetooth Low Energy is designed with the aim of cutting down the power consumption used by the Bluetooth peripherals.

It was only used by beacons and other such low powered devices, which meant that it cannot be used with wireless headphones, and headphones had to rely on the more power-hungry Bluetooth classic standard.

Bluetooth 5.0 removes this barrier and Low Energy feature can now be used by all other peripherals including wireless headphones.


Dual Audio

If you think Bluetooth Low Energy feature was the only noteworthy feature, then wait a minute because Bluetooth 5.0 has another cool trick up its sleeves. Imagine you could play two different audio tracks to two different pairs of headphones via a single device? It is as exciting as it sounds, and of course, you could play the same track on two different peripherals (like speakers). Great for a party!

The first smartphone with this feature was the Samsung Galaxy S8. But more importantly, this will be not only restricted to Samsung devices since this feature comes with Bluetooth 5.0 and it’s for everyone.

Improvements in Beacon Technology

Another area in which Bluetooth 5 is improved is with Beacon Technology, in which business holders can beam their advertisement messages to nearby potential customers.

Beacon Technology can also facilitate navigation indoors in airports and in malls, and it is also easier for warehouses to track inventory.


 One important thing to note is that Bluetooth 5.0 requires Bluetooth 5.0 compatible peripherals for the use of aforementioned features. Though Bluetooth is backwards compatible and it can be used with the previous generation of Bluetooth compatible peripherals.   












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