Are Apple Watches Waterproof?

Most of the Tech Enthusiasts admire the Apple Watches as they come from the Tech Giant Apple Inc, which has a good reputation in the market of tech gadgets. According to Statista, The number of Apple Watches users reached a significant number, i.e., 100 Million last year. As we are wearing it all the time and water may enter the watch at any time.  Sometimes we forget to take off the Watch. Here come the questions like “Is apple watch waterproof?”

Apple Watches Are Waterproof or Not

We are here to answer all of your questions.

Apple says that all the Watches are water-resistant, not waterproof, which means that watches can withstand specific amount of water of specific depth only according to the specific rating.

Apple Watch Series 0:

It’s not recommended to submerge Apple Watch 1st generation (also known as Apple Watch Series 0) into the water. However, this Apple Watch has an IPX7 water resistance rating under IEC standard 60529, which means that it can survive if taken into the water of depth 1 meter for 30 minutes. Apple Watch (1st gen) is splash-proof and water-resistant, but this doesn’t mean that we can take it into the water.  We can wear It while washing our hands, and the exposure of the Watch to sweat while you are doing exercise, is completely fine. We can also wear it during the rainfall, but we should not take the Watch into the swimming pool.

As Apple does not suggest us to submerge the Watch into the water. In some cases, when we take watch into the water, the watch may work properly. But the manufacturing company does not recommend it.

Apple Watch Series 1: Is the apple watch series 1 waterproof?

Apple Watch Series 1 was launched back in September 2016. (Also Known as Apple Watch 2nd Generation). This Watch Series also comes out with the IPX7 water resistance rating. Similar to Series 0, it is no recommended to submerge Apple Watch Series 1 into the water. The water resistance is not for a lifetime, and the water seals can be damaged over time. So we should not use the Series 1 Watch for Water skiing, swimming or any other extensive water-related activities. But if the user wears the Apple watch while swimming, then after swimming, the user must place the watch with the speaker side facing down on the lint-free cloth. So that the water in the watch cavity may drain out. Don’t use any sprays and heat to get the water move out or evaporate.

Apple Watch Series 2: Is the Apple Watch Series 2 Waterproof?

is apple watch series 2 waterproof

The Apple Watch Series 1 and Apple Watch 1st Generation / Series 0 Had IPX7 water resistance up to 1 meter and 30 minutes. But the Apple Watch Series 2 came with many improvements, especially in water resistance. Apple announced the Apple Watch Series 2 in September 2016 along with the Series 1. The water resistance in Apple Watch Series 2 is significantly better than that of Apple Watch Series 1 and Apple Watch 1st Generation( Apple Watch Series 0). Apple Watch Series 2 has an improved water resistance of 50 meters with an ISO rating of 22810:2010, which means that you can take it to the swimming pool.

You can wear Series 2 Watch on waterslides and waterparks. You can wear the Watch during the rainfall and even while having a bath. But the soaps, lotions, shampoos, and perfumes may damage the water seals, so you must be careful. The Speaker and Mic Quality may get temporarily degraded. This fixed automatically when the water in the Watch evaporates completely.

Apple Watch Series 3: Is the Apple Watch Series 3 Waterproof?

Apple Watch Series 3 was launched in September 2017. In other specs, this watch series is pretty much better than Series 2. The Water resistance of Series 3 is similar to that of Series 2. Series 3 also has a water resistance rating of 50m under ISO standard 22810:2010. You can also use the watch for most of the Water-Related Activities, including swimming, water skiing etc. When there’s water in the speaker or mic, the Speaker and Mic Quality of the series 3 watch can also be temporarily degraded

Newer Apple Watches: Apple Watch Series 4, Series 5, Series 6 Are Waterproof or Not?

 Many people ask, “Is the Apple Watch Series 5 Waterproof?”

is apple watch series 5 waterproof

Apple Watch Series 3 and newer are properly water-resistant with an ISO rating of 22810:2010, which means that they can withstand water of depth 50 meters(164ft).

The Apple Watch Models which can be used while swimming without any problem are:

  • Apple Watch Series 2.
  • Apple Watch Series 3
  • Apple Watch Series 4
  • Apple Watch Series 5
  • Apple Watch Series 6

We should not use any of the watches mentioned above while scuba diving and while taking a steam bath because the moisture of steam takes much time to move out

Apple Watch SE Waterproof:

Since Apple Watch SE is a Special Edition, so people are very much concerned about if this watch is waterproof or not. Similar to the other watches, this Watch also comes out with the water resistance rating of 50 meters with ISO standard 22810:2010

Watch Bands:

all apple watch bands are not waterproof

All Watch Bands aren’t waterproof, so we also have to care about the watch band we are using. For example, the stainless steel bands can get rusty when we use them while swimming, and leather bands are also not waterproof; when submerged into the water, they get damaged easily.

Water Lock Feature:

water lock feature in control center

In Apple Watch Series 2 And Newer, there’s a feature called Water Lock. When Water lock is turned On, the touch display of the Apple Watch doesn’t respond. This feature prevents any unwanted inputs while swimming. This feature is beneficial. We can turn on the water lock from control center. After the Water Lock is turned off, watch ejects any water that may remain in its speaker.

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