Apple Watch Series 7 Leaks

Tipster John Prosser and the concept artist lan Zelbo have given us the leaks of the Apple Watch Series 7.

Tipster John Prosser reveals what he claims about Apple watch series 7.His leaks have been repeatedly accurate.

According to the leaks, Apple Watch Series 7 is expected to come with major changes in its design. The watch is expected to come with flat edges instead of curved ones, like the previous iPhone 12 series. There can also be a Mint Green color which was seen in iPhone 12 and the latest Ipad air.

There will be the same display size of 1.57-inch on the 40mm model and 1.78-inch in the 44mm model watch of Apple Watch Series 7. There can also be an updated S7 chipset that can provide better performance. The display will still be curved like the previous versions according to the leaks. A Blood Sugar Level measuring sensor is also expected to be added.

That’s pretty much it we’re unable to get more information about it but as soon as we get any news about the leaks we will provide it to you as soon as possible

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