Can you Jailbreak the Apple Watch?

Apple watches are considered to be the most premium smartwatches in the tech industry. Apple watches are the product of Apple Inc and they have been available in the market for almost six years. Their built quality and User interface are also good. According to Statista, the number of Apple watch users reached the mark of 100 Million in 2020. Many users also want to customize their Apple watches appropriately, which can is only possible if they jailbreak their Apple Watch. Jailbreaking an Apple Watch has never an important topic, and Jailbreak developers did not work on it. But Now, users want to Jailbreak their Apple Watches.  


What is Jailbreaking?

Jailbreaking of a device is the removal of several restrictions imposed by the manufacturer of the device. The word ‘Jailbreaking’ is used only for Apple devices. Jailbreaking is similar to Rooting on Android devices. But Jailbreaking is more complicated than Rooting because Android is an open-source platform that allows us to root the device easily. But Apple doesn’t want us to jailbreak an Apple device.


How to Jailbreak Apple Watch?

Jailbreaks for all Apple watches aren’t available. Some of the jailbreaks available for Apple Watches are discussed Below:

OverCl0ck for Apple Watches On Watch OS 3:

OverCl0ck is a Jailbreaking tool that is compatible only with Watch OS 3. The programming languages used in making this Jailbreaking tool are Objective-C and C Language. Famous iOS developer PsychoTea published this tool on Github on 4th Feb 2018.  According to the developer, the exact compatibility of this tool across other Watch OS versions is not known. And Various improvements are to be made. This is a prototype Concept, and people should not use it for their watches.

 Link to the Developer’s Github Post.

‘JelbrekTime’ for Watches On Watch OS 4.1:

JelbrekTime is a developer Jailbreak compatible only with Apple Watch Series 3 on Watch OS 4.1. Developer ‘tihmstar’ published it on Github in September 2018. It also has some read and write features. If you want to run this Jailbreak on any other Apple watch with a different Watch OS version, you must modify it. The programming languages used in developing this Jailbreak are Objective-C(86.1%) and C-Language(13.9%).

 Link to the Github Post

‘Brenbreak’ Jailbreak for Watches on Watch OS 4.0 — 5.1.2:

Brenbreak is an upcoming Apple Watch jailbreak. This Jailbreak will be compatible with the Apple watches on the Watch OS 4.0 — 5.1.2, which means that this Jailbreak will support all the Watch OS 4 versions . This Jailbreak will not support Watch OS 5.1.3 and newer Watch OS versions. At first, the Developer said that he’ll be launching it in two weeks. The developer has been working for much time, but Jailbreak has not launched yet.

The developer has delayed the launch of this jailbreak due to technical issues.

Jailbreak for Watch OS 6, 7, and Newer:

No Jailbreak tools are Available for Apple Watches on Watch OS 6,7 and Newer versions of Watch OS. But we can still hope that Jailbreak for all Apple Watches will be available in the future.

Why do People want to Jailbreak their Apple Watches?

  • Exciting Functions

A jailbroken Apple Watch can get access to many exciting features.

  • Tweaks:

Tweaks are the Apps you cannot install from the official App Store. After Jailbreaking, You can different Apps that you cannot on a simple Apple Watch.

  • More Customization:

A jailbroken Apple Watch also provides you a variety of customization and widgets. That may give your Apple Watch a more fabulous look

  • Custom Watch faces:

After Jailbreaking an Apple Watch, a user may get custom watch faces for the watch.

Why shouldn’t you Jailbreak your Watch?

  • Warranty:

Jailbreaking also voids the warranty, which means that you cannot claim the warranty if your watch/device is jailbroken.

  • Virus Infected Apps

After Jailbreaking a watch, you can install apps from other sources that can harm your device because those apps are not Apple certified and can infect your device with viruses and cause data loss.

  • Instability of Device:

It can also make your device unstable, which means that your apps may not function properly. Some glitches may also appear as jailbreaking also affects the optimization of the device. In the opinion of Experts, it is not good to jailbreak your Apple Watch. Apple is famous for its safety and reliability. By jailbreaking an Apple Watch, your Watch will no longer be reliable and secure.

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