Apple Officially Pauses the Sale Of Products in Russia


Russian Army started a large-scale invasion of Ukraine last week. All the Major countries and Superpowers of the world have been seen condemning this act. The US has already put sanctions on the Russian Republic to destabilize the country’s economy. After the US has put sanctions on Russia, Many tech giants such as Microsoft, Apple, Google, and Facebook are also taking harsh measures against the Russian Republic. Apple has Officially paused the sale of its products in Russian Republic after the Russia started invasion of Ukraine. On 2nd March 2022, Ukraine’s Vice Prime minister Mykhailo Fedorov told Apple to block the App Store. And stop its sale Apple products in Russia.

Tim Cook sent a letter to all the employees of Apple Inc in which he said:

“We have paused all product sales in Russia. Last week, we stopped all exports into our sales channel in the country. Apple Pay and other services have been limited.”

As we can see, the letter clearly says that Apple has officially paused the sale of all the Apple products in Russia. After Apple has officially stopped its sale of products in Russian Republic, the Russians will not be able to buy Apple devices directly from Apple.

When we go and visit the Russian Apple Store Website, we notice that when we click on the cart, it shows a message: “We’ll be right back.”

apple has stopped selling its products in russian republic
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 Apple and all the other tech giants are supporting Ukraine. After this decision, it seems like Apple products will not be available in Russia for a much longer time. Because of the long-lasting effects of this war and US sanctions. Russia and US always have been rivals. The US and other major countries are trying to destabilize the Russian economy by sanctions. In case of any cease-fire or peace treaty between Russia and Ukraine, the US will not lift the sanctions easily, directly affecting all the US-based Tech Giants.

Apple taking care of its Employees in Ukraine:

Tim Cook says that Apple is in contact with all of its employees in Ukraine, and they are helping their employees and their families in every possible way. And if there’s any problem, employees can go to their public website.

Restriction Of Apple and Google on RT and Sputnik News:

In the letter, Tim cook further says:

“RT News and Sputnik News are no longer available for download from the App Store outside Russia. And we have disabled both traffic and live incidents in Apple Maps in Ukraine as a safety and precautionary measure for Ukrainian citizens.”

Tim Cook’s Message for the Apple Employees

RT News was previously known as Russia Today. Experts regard it as a propaganda outlet for the Russian Government.  On the Other Hand, Sputnik News is a Russian State-Owned News Agency.

RT News and Sputnik News are Russian News agencies having apps published on App Store. Apple has put restrictions on these apps to affect their growth.(Now outsiders of Russia will not be able to Download these apps from App Store) Google has also removed the Sputnik and RT news from the Play Store in Europe. In this way, Apple and Google have stopped the Russian News Websites from spreading fake news against Ukraine in the World.  Apple Inc took a good step to disabling traffic and live incidents in Apple Maps in Ukraine. Apple’s boycott of the Russian Smartphone market will encourage other Tech Giants to take such harsh measures against the Russian Republic as a gesture of unity with Ukraine.

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