Activision to Launch Call Of Duty Warzone for Mobile

One of the most outstanding titles of Battle Royale in the PC gaming industry and the most loved and trending Battle Royale PC game is coming for mobile devices. Activision will bring Call Of Duty Warzone for Mobile Devices.

Call Of Duty Mobile

The Call of Duty Mobile that Activision launched in October 2019 created a decent hype at the time of release. Many Mobile Gamers still play it. The CODM(Call of Duty Mobile) has 100M+ downloads on the Play Store. It was a very successful release by Activision. The Call Of Duty Warzone is different from Call Of Duty Mobile. The Call Of Duty Mobile has different game modes: Battle Royale, Search, and Destroy(S&D),5v5 with various maps that include some maps from Call Of Duty Modern Warfare and other PC games of COD Series . However, the Call Of Duty Warzone is a complete Battle Royale game, and it only focuses on Battle Royale. There is another question that appears to mind:

How is it possible to develop such a heavy game for mobile devices?

The Gamers who have played this game or know about the size of Call Of duty Warzone on PC will now question how it is possible to develop such a big game for mobile devices? As we know, the Call Of Duty Warzone requires a considerable storage space of 175 GB which is not suitable or not even possible for a mobile game. SURPRISINGLY, when PC games like PUBG(Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds) COD(Call Of Duty) were released for mobile, their size decreased. The screen resolution is reduced to reduce size. Maybe while reducing the Call Of Duty Warzone size, Activision may also reduce map size and remove some maps and modes. The Graphics will also be reduced because a mobile device cannot compete with the powerful PC hardware to render such realistic graphics.


Optimization is also an essential aspect to determine the success or failure of an app or game. Most of the games at their release are not much optimized, but there should not be any glitches or bugs. The Call OF Duty Warzone Mobile Version should not decrease the graphics quality entirely to ensure the game’s success and enjoyment.

Here’s the Official tweet by Activision:

Activision has not confirmed the release date. Currently the mobile version of Call Of Duty Warzone is under development. This game is not coming this year. It will take one or more years to release.

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