6 common Battery Myths that you may still believe!

Batteries are an integral part of the most used piece of technology.

Since we are too cautious about our smartphone’s safety and health, there are quite a few battery myths prevailing.

Some has derived its source from older days while others are marketing strategies.

So lets debunk some of the most common battery myths.

Charging overnight is dangerous because it may overcharge your phone.

charging the phone overnight

This is one of the most widespread battery myth but it is absolutely incorrect, at least the overcharging part.

Charging overnight is not dangerous but overtime it might reduce the health of your battery. For best battery life it is advisable to keep it in the range of 20% to 80%. Since charging above 80% becomes a bit difficult and causes heating.

While the overcharging part has some degree of truth attached to it. Older generation Lithium-ion batteries tend to overheat if kept charging for longer periods of time. They could even explode!

Modern devices are much smarter and handles the overcharging issue very efficiently. Smartphones have this feature of automatically reducing the current input as the battery fills up.

Modern day battery also heats up while charging. This generally doesn’t have any effect on battery life. Charging your phone in a cool place and avoiding any intensive tasks like gaming, video rendering will avoid heating issue completely.

Always use the official charger from your phone’s manufacturer.

oneplus's dash charger

This battery myth has derived its roots from marketing. You might have read it in the manuals or heard it from a salesperson.

This advise has less to do with your battery’s life than to swell their profit margins.

You can use any charging brick from a reputed third party company. Just keep in mind the charger you are using must have the same output ratings as your original charger.

If your phone supports fast charging then don’t use a normal cable with a fast charging brick. This will not let the charger to work efficiently. You will have to use the supplied cable and brick to get the desired results.


Discharge your battery completely before charging

phone is charging from 0%

This battery myth is also one of its kind. This myth is 100% true for a different breed of batteries.

 This theory actually applies to Nickel cadmium or Nickel-metal hydride batteries.

Older nickel ion batteries share a common problem. They forget their full capacity if you charge them before draining them completely. But lithium-ion batteries works differently and they can maintain a working charge across the battery.

Though it is advisable to occasionally drain your battery completely and then charge it to 100%. This is done to calibrate the battery capacity with software.

Lithium-ion batteries retain 70% to 80% of their full capacity in 2 to 3 years of time. An average user replaces his phone in this time frame only, so there is nothing to worry about.


Save Battery power by manually killing apps or using Battery Saver Apps.

An image showing not to use ram cleaners

This one is the worst of all battery myths. Doing this not only reduces your battery life but also slows down your phone.

Battery saver apps did help your phones to run smoother in JellyBean or Gingerbread days. But now Android has become much more smarter in managing its resources. More over processors and other internals have also upgraded. The whole ecosystem has evolved and we don’t have to bother much.

Whenever you manually kill any app or with help of any app it frees up the resources. But the problem is if you reopen the app then it will take up more resources than what was saved. It also adds more work to the internals which will degrade faster. More over the screen you use while killing those apps also requires battery power. Hence it is not wise to actually use the very thing you want to save.

Don’t use your phone while charging

a person using the phone while charging
Courtesy:hoax slayer

You might have heard this advice from your mom or grandparents.

It is a common myth that using your phone while charging may cause to catch fire, explode or even electrocute you. All these warnings induces fear in our minds hence we follow them even without thinking about it once.

Talking about battery ‘mini cycles’ which occurs when you use your phone while charging it, has some truth attached to it. This means some parts of the battery has gone through more such cycles than other parts. This translates to uneven aging of the battery.

Though there is one more reality that you cannot stop a battery from aging. But if you are hell bent in increasing your battery’s lifespan then you must avoid any intensive tasks while charging such as gaming or shooting videos.

Batteries perform worse when used in colder areas

a woman using phone in a cold region

This is entirely false in case of lithium-ion batteries. In-fact the opposite is true. Using your batteries in cooler places and placing it in cool places while charging actually elevates the battery life.

To understand the reason behind it you will have to get into the internals of a battery.

There is a liquid electrolyte which fills the gap between the lithium cobalt oxide and graphite layers. It plays two major roles. Firstly, it helps to avoid touch between the two layers. Secondly, it provides a medium for lithium ions to travel through.

At higher temperatures this liquid electrolyte expands and breaks from there. It eventually degrades the battery life and reduces it to few 100 cycles.

This is the one of the main reasons to avoid using it in car batteries.

Hence try to maintain a cooler environment around your phone especially while charging.



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