5 Reasons behind your phone slowing down!

Smartphones have become an integral part of our life with an average user spending around 4-5 hours daily on their smartphones.

Due to this unbreakable attachment, they are often called the most loved pieces of technology. Since we love them so much we don’t want them to be slow. Ever!

But the reality is you cannot stop them from slowing down and they age similar to every other thing on planet Earth.

Let us have a look at the top 5 reasons why our smartphones slow down?

Apps and OS updatesapp updates in playstore

This is one of the most important reason behind our smartphones slowing down.

Apps and OS updates add more problems for an old smartphone than solving its issues. Yes, I know updates are essential for smartphone’s security but the problem is it really throttles down older smartphones.

The main issue is the difference in perspective of an app developer and an average user.

The developer thinks that if the hardware is upgrading at the speed of light, then their software should also be able to use its power. Hence with each software update, many apps use more resources than ever. But a user might have a device which is a couple of years old. In that case, his phone might not be able to cope up with the resource-hungry update. This eventually throttles down their smartphones.os update in a samsung device

The OS updates also have a similar effect and reason. Stock ROMs are not much of an issue. Mostly custom skins exaggerate the issue. Custom skins need to be tailored perfectly for each device. Problem is – most companies will not spend that much time and resources for an old phone.

Storage filling up over time storage full warning in a samsung device

Most of us don’t really bother about the storage.

We keep loading apps and multimedia till it is filled up to the neck and starts notifying about low storage space.

Read-write speed slows down as the storage fills up due to the fragmentation issue.

Accessing files from fragmented storage is like going out on a treasure hunt. You will have to go after a series of clues to find the treasure. Treasuring hunting might seem amusing but accessing files in this way is a real pain for the hardware components.

If you fill up the storage recklessly, then you will see your phone slowing down very early due to the above reason.

Killing Apps

Killing apps either manually or with the help of those speed booster apps will slow down your phone.

And please, stop using those apps. They are doing more harm than good to your phone.

Many utility apps which you kill like Facebook, Maps, YouTube reopens instantly. This adds more task to the internals of your phone, eventually degrading them. It also degrades your battery.

I have explained this point in detail in my Battery Tips post.

Battery Degradation

Even though you can stop killing apps and add some life to your battery, you cannot stop it from aging.

Batteries lose their capacity over time. They become 75-80% of their original capacity in a couple of years.

Though the real problem is the slight increase in heating of the battery as it ages. The resistance of the battery increases over time which results in heating. This, in turn, heats up the internal components of your phone which may trigger thermal throttling. This throttling restricts the processor or other internals to work at their peak performance. You may experience it if your phone heats up.

Installing unnecessary apps

This slows down your phone due to 3 reasons.

Firstly, it causes your storage to get fragmented which eventually affects the read write speeds.

Secondly, many of them might be utility apps. They always run in the background and causes serious slowdowns if you have the habit of killing apps.

Thirdly, many of them may keep awake the sensors of your phone all time which adds to battery consumption and degradation of internals.

The choice of programming language for apps

java programming language logo

The choice of programming language in app development is also an important reason.

For example, Java although very popular and powerful isn’t very well suited for phone’s architecture.

Even a well optimized Java app has lots of bytecode to binary code conversions. This translates to more work for the CPU and RAM apart from the execution of the app.

Also, the garbage collection feature of Java adds as an extra process, causing wastage of highly valuable resources of your phone.

Kotlin is a better Android app development language and might replace Java in the future.

The Ultimate Reason

Another, not so technical reason behind slowing down your smartphone is the business models of smartphone companies. The idea is simple if you don’t change your phone, they don’t earn. This is why you might have seen recently many companies like Apple, Samsung has lawsuits filed against them for deliberately slowing down phones with software updates.


Phones will eventually slow down even if you try your best. But if you keep in mind the reasons, then you might add a year to your smartphone’s life.


What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below.






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