35 Google Maps facts that will blow you away!

Google Maps have literally changed how we see our world. It is the go-to tool for any traveler because of its accuracy. But to be honest it can also fail and may lead you to a dead end. Watch Out!

Let us discuss some of its interesting facts

It is estimated that Google has accumulated around 20 Petabytes of data which approximately equals to 20.5k Terabytes or 21 million Gigabytes. The data includes data from satellite, aerial and street-level images.google maps blurring a particular part in an image

Google has an amazing technology of automatically blurring faces and license plates. This is done with regard to people’s privacy in Street View. They even provide additional blurring if asked for.

The Satellites which they use for providing the Maps service belongs to other companies. The third-party satellites which they use reserves the right of blurring areas even before sending it to Google. A government may also give directions for blurring certain sensitive geographical areas.

inside building view using street view in google maps

You can report “Odd or unusual activity” captured on Google Maps – in Street View. Google Team will review your report and may take necessary actions.

You can use Google Street View technology to view inside buildings. These features are exclusive to some countries like the United States, U.K., Canada, Ireland, Netherlands, New Zealand, France.using google art to view inside a museum

You can use the Google Art Project to see static images of art collections from many different museums around the world.

Google quickly updates the images of Street View. Aerial and satellite images are updated in almost two weeks interval time. However, this update frequency depends upon factors like weather, demographics, driving conditions etc.exact location of the compound where osama bin laden was killed

The compound in Pakistan where Osama Bin Laden was shot, can be found on Google maps.

The total time saved per day for all people using Google Maps is around 2 years.

12 billion – that’s the number of miles Google Maps saves per year for Android users.

20 is the maximum zoom level for most of the areas while 23 is the highest which is only for certain areas.images from the google recaptcha system

Google is using the reCAPTCHA system to decode pictures of street addresses for Google maps. They also use it for training their AI.

Google uses our Android phones to collect data for traffic details.1000 year old fish trap found by google maps

A 1000 years of old ‘fish trap’ completely made of stones was found off the British coast with Google Maps.google maps not working in south korea

Google Maps show a detailed view of North Korea but doesn’t work with South Korea.flight simulator in google earth

Google Earth has an in-built flight simulator.titanic shipwreck shown by google earth

Titanic shipwreck can be seen with the help of Google Earth.

With the help of Street View, you can see where the cars are driving.

The Street View team has taken over 100 million images since 2007, and they have driven more than 5 million miles of road for taking them.google maps used to show the impact of a nuclear attack in an area

A bit of javascript and Google’s maps frameworks and you can see what would happen if a nuclear bomb goes off in your city.largest natural bridge found by google maps

The largest natural bridge on the Earth was discovered with the help of Google Maps.

Google Maps almost triggered a war between Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

Street View camera system has 15 lenses and produces images of 65MP resolution.

Angela Micol – a satellite archaeological researcher discovered some lost Egyptian Pyramids using Google Earth.

The 9/11 terrorist attacks can be viewed with Google’s Earth’s historical imagery feature.

Searching for ‘*’ in Google Maps shows you all the local businesses.

a forest found by google maps is named as google forest

Google’s default center point is its author’s (Brian McClendon) home at Lawrence, Kansas.

There is a rainforest in Africa nicknamed ‘Google Forest’ because it was discovered by scientists using Google Maps.

Swiss Police used Google Earth to find a two-acre weed farm.

Tribes in the Amazon rainforests are using modern tools like Google Maps and GPS to map their lands, monitor illegal mining and logging. They do this with a beautiful objective of maintaining their ties to the history and cultural traditions.

Bahrain’s government banned Google Earth in the country because it allowed Bahraini citizens to see royal owned land and palaces which were next to poor and overcrowded Shi’ite villages.

There are 51 things which you are not allowed to see in Google Maps.

A company made a First Person Shooter (FPS) game with the help of Street View where you can walk around and shoot people.

There is a map of every recent mass animal death on Google Maps.

You can track a flight with the FlightStats feature of Google Maps. This may come handy while you are waiting for someone or making sure if your own flight will be on time.